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For direct reponse advertising class

Cover letter for dream job

in the form of a for sale sign

DR I love


Personally I have always been a fan of  Satachi & Satachi’s work, with this direct response piece being one of my fav’s. I love the fact they took something as traditional as home mail and turned it into something attention grabbing and engaging. This kind of creativity and originality is something I strive to achieve in all of my projects, which is most likely why I have such admiration for this piece. Who know’s maybe someday, someone might be blogging about a piece of my projects!


Online DR campaign

The business, Dynamite Dates offers a unique speed dating service to Australian’s living in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. In order to build brand awareness online, an online direct mail campaign will be launched. This will involve banner ads which will link to the website, ensuring a strong link between the two components of the online campaign. The tone decided upon for the campaign is cheeky and humorous, as it is believed this approach will best connect with the target market.  

The first component looked at will be the banner advertisements, which will be featured on select webpages through the utilization of system engine marketing (SEM). The simple and effective designs will encourage users to click on the banner leading them to the businesses webpage. The webpage will allow consumers to understand the businesses and what it has to offer through an easy to navigate page. Customer will be able to see when the next speed dating events are on, how to contact the business ect. It is important to ensure both the banner ads and website keep a similar tone, for this reason similar colors and images were used. The similar tone of voice will also be kept consistent throughout both pieces of the direct marketing. 

Please refer to images posted below. ImageImage

Banner ads for online DR campaign

Website homepage for online DR campaign

Application inspired by game

21st Century Dating

The application is inspired from the game concept of 20 questions and trivial pursuit. The application will be called ‘21st Century Dating’ and will act as a guide for those embarking on the daunting task of dating.  The guide will offer a range of questions for each level of the date (level 1=date 1 ect.) to help fill those awkward silences, as well as allowing its users to ascertain whether their date is dateable or a dud. The app will also offer quiz’s to complete after each date to help its users determine whether they should move on to the next level, or cut communication as soon as possible. It will be co-developed with comedian and author of  ‘Textbook Romance’, additionally acting to serve as promotion for her book.

There will be a free version of the application available to consumers, which will be accompanied by paid advertisement and popups. There will also be a paid app which will not feature advertisement, and will provide users with additional quiz’s and information into the dating world. This will allow the application to attain a significant amount of money. 

radio ad for lost and found pet signs

a funny/quirky take on selling lost and pet signs over the radio.