by annabellajoske

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Snow White.

Snow White was cursed by her evil fairy godmother, to have the whitest skin in all of the land.  She tried every magic tanning lotion and potion without prevail.

One summer’s morning, upon the mystical dunes of Burleigh heads, Snow White saw the most golden goddess she had ever seen. Without hesitation she rushed up in the quest of finding out her golden secret.

As it turned out, this girl wasn’t any ordinary girl, but Annabella, the Goddess of the sun. She assured Snow White that given the right ritual, Snow White’s curse would be lifted forever, for the small price of the green smoothie. Within the snug confines of Annabella’s humble abode, the curse was lifted, leaving Snow White- Sun tan.

                                                And she lived happily tan forever after…