by annabellajoske

With endless amounts of time spent on the internet each day, scouring google for the latest online sales, information and sometimes even a little cheeky downloading (shhh!). One website springs to mind when told to state my favorite.

The Wellness Warrior- as if the name isn’t captivating enough!

The website is designed in a blog style which provides an abundance of recipes, motivational quotes, health talks and interviews, which are updated weekly. For a health junkie like me, it is easy to see why this has become my potent addiction. 

It’s not only the content which consistently draws me back, but the sites easy navigation, visually appealing font’s and colors, as well as its use of visual hierarchy. 

Personally I look at the site and envision one of my favorite recipes being formulated- putting in the perfect amount of ingredients, which work together perfectly, to create a an amazing and addictive concoction !

Kudos Wellness Warrior!