Macca’s 30-day health challenge

by annabellajoske

New Macca’s infomercial mystifies the masses

In McDonalds latest ploy to revamp it’s reputation in the eyes of the health conscious, the “30-day Macca’s health challenge” has been crafted. Their latest infomercial features Alex Carnadale, celebrity health guru, who attempts to sell the idea that McDonalds is the solution to a healthy and balanced diet.

The confusion surrounding this new campaign has the world mystified. Naturopath and health expert David Wolfe has recently expressed his alarm and frustration stating:

 “As to how McDonald’s nutrient deficient foods could provide even an ounce of a persons recommended daily nutrients is a mystery to me. What scares me even more is that the government can allow the public to be exposed to this scam.”

Carnadale who has supposedly lost up to 30 killograms on the Macca’s 30-day challenge swears by her new diet.

“My philosophy on health is that by eating a balanced amount of protein, wholegrains and good fats, in combination with a healthy amount of exercise, you can achieve great weight loss results. I have worked with the MacDonald’s head CEO to collaborate and create a diet plan that encompasses all the elements of core health.”

Well if Mcflury’s and a cheese burger is all one has to do for better health and weightloss, then someone pinch me because my dream just came true…