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Month: June, 2013

Monster inc. University- in reverse (spoiler alert)

Mike and Sully start their job in Monster’s Inc at the very bottom of the ladder.

Hard scrabble informs mike and sully that the Oozma Kappas are allowed back in to the scaring class, but that she can do nothing about getting them back into monsters university

Sully and mike get expelled from the university for going into the forbidden door.

Mike goes into the forbidden door by himself to prove that he can scare

Sully admits to Hardscrabble that he rigged the machine so their team could win.

Sully admits to Mike that he cheated and rigged the system so their team can win, Mike get really upset.

The Oozma Kappas with the Scare Games, which means all of them are allowed back into scare school.

On the second last challenge the Oozma Kappas manage to come second, Hadscrabble notes her respect for Sulley but not Mike as he isn’t scary enough.

The Oozma Kappas arrive on campus to find pictures of their humiliation from the previous day.

The Oozma Kapas are surprisingly invited to a party for the top scarers in campus, which turns out to be a trap that humiliates them all.

The second challenge of the scare games start where squishy manages to steal the flag at the last minute taking the Oozma Kappas into the third round.

Oozma Kappa is joyfully celebrating that they somehow survived the first round. But Mike and Sulley aren’t happy with each other at all. Mike tries to make the best out of the team he has, but Sulley is totally undiscerning and doesn’t think that any of the Oozma Kappas is real Scarer material.

a letter from the Scare Games arrive, announcing the first challenge of the game: The Toxicity Challenge.

Mike is so upset that his dream of being in the Scare Program has ended so soon, that he throws his book at the wall knocking down his calendar revealing a poster of the “Scare Games”. He manages to get a team together win the last second which unfortunatly includes his sworn enemy Sully.

Mike and Sully get into a fight which leads to knocking over Hardscrable’s prized possession getting them kicked out of scare school.

Mikes first day of class

18 year old mike appears and he is now on his way to uni

Young Mike goes on a school excursion to monster inc decides he wants to become a scarer even though everyone tells him he can’t


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The current headline for this article is “Oxford academics hope to be brought back to life”.

My suggestions for 10 possible new engaging headline include the following:

– A HEADless nation looming…

-What lays aHEAD?

-Prolonging your life just became as simple as your monthly gym membership. 

-To freeze, or not to freeze, that is the question. 

-Prolonging your life just became as simple as one, two, freeze. 

-Freeze your assets. 

– Futurama may just be our future. 

-Bodies are so 2013.

-Freezing our future

-The future is looking cold



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